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7L Series Pressure Rated Hydraulic Cylinders

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1. Piston Rods—5/8" thru 4" diameter are medium carbon steel with 100,000 psi minimum yield. Piston rods over 4" diameter have yield strengths between 50,000 and 90,000 psi. Sizes 4/8" thru 31/2" diameter are induction case hardened to 54 Rockwell C. All piston rods are hardchrome plated and highly polished.

2. Rod Wiper—Polyurethane, double lip type wiper designed to protect the piston rod, bearing and rod seal, is standard for all rod sizes. Also, metallic scrapers and Viton wipers are available for all rod sizes.

3. Bolted Rod Gland Cartridge—Heavy wall, ductile iron bearing is accurately piloted in head to assure perfect alignment, designed to accept a variety of seal styles.With certain exceptions, the cartridges can be removed without removing mounts or tie rod nuts.This eliminates the necessity of cylinder disassembly to replace the rod seals or rod bearing. Bearings are held in place with bolted steel retainer plates. Bearings used for a given rod size are interchangeable into any cylinder bore with the same rod diameter (except for bearings used with 11/2", 2" and 21/2" bores with maximum rod sizes).

a. Rod Seal—Polyurethane compound, flexible lip type rod seal has excellent abrasion resistance and is wear compensating. Inherent characteristics of the material and design assure leakproof performance and long life.

b. Rod Bearing—Ductile iron material insures low friction, high load capabilities and long life.

4. Ports—Large unrestricted ports permit maximum flow with minimum pressure drop.Heads may be rotated independently at 90° intervals for convenient port location.

5.Tube Seals—Positive sealing, synthetic rubber “O” rings seal tube I.D.

6.Tube—Steel tubing is used on 11/2" thru 14" bore. It is microhoned and chrome plated to assure smooth operation with minimum friction.Other tubing materials are also available.Tubing is standard for 10" thru 14" bore sizes.Other tubing materials are also available.

7. Piston Seals—Flexible lip type piston seals with non-extrusion rings provide positive sealing, low friction and long life.

8. Piston—High grade alloy iron, 11/2" thru 8" bores, also in 14" bore; steel piston for 10" thru 14" bore sizes. Pistons are one piece, pilot fitted to piston rod and locked.

9.Tie Rods and Nuts—Tie rods are made from 100,000 psi minimum yield, medium carbon steel. They are pre-stressed at assembly with hi-strength alloy hex nuts to minimize the possiblity of tie rod elongation.

10. Heads and Caps—Rolled steel accurately machined to assure perfect alignment of piston rod bearing, piston rod, piston, and tube. Heads and caps pilot on tube O.D. to prevent “breathing” and provide additional insurance against leakage.

11. Needle valves and check valves— Flush type needle valves and check valves are supplied. Large drilled passages provide maximum control of cushioning effect and assure rapid full power starts at beginning of stroke. Needle valves begin to leak prior to disengagement to prevent valve blow out. Ball checks are permanently retained.

12. Cushions—Self-aligning, synthetic rubber type seals provide a positive leak-proof cushion.This, together with adjustable cushion needle valve, offers an extremely accurate means of obtaining most efficient cushion characteristics for a variety of loads and speeds.

13.Wrench Flats—Large wrench flats are chamfered to protect rod gland packing in installation. All standard piston rods through 51/2" diameter are furnished with two wrench flats. Additional flats are available upon request.

Mounts—All mounts are of steel plate fabricated steel, accurately machined for precise mounting.

JIC—These cylinders are designed to conform to JIC standards.

NFPA—The dimensioning and identification of the cylinders in this catalog are in accordance with the NFPA recommended dimension code for fluid power cylinders.

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